2020 Relaunch!

Hello all!

We took some time away while the focus was entirely on building and launching TILTy TOYs. When we made the last fancy website it was entirely without WordPress and built with quite a bit of Muse code. Sadly Muse went the way of the dodo bird as Adobe no longer supports it so a great deal of the site no longer functions and sadly that means the interactive non linear webcomic Metaphysical Neuroma no longer functions as intended.

So we are re-launching and back to a WordPress structure. It’ll take a little time but you should see most of the site up and running with a simplified archive for the older comics like Metaphysical Neuroma etc returning by end of January. Shortly afterwards we will be launching our newest webcomic series Tales of the Xulu Khan (related to the Metaphysical Neuroma storyline). By early February everything should be back in full, schedules permitting of course. Then expected sometime in March we will be building a new process and tutorial library on YouTube as part of our offering for Patreon going forward. The Patreon club also went through several evolutions and in Febuary March you can expect an update to the offerings there as well. In the meantime why not signup for our newsletter that way you can be kept up to date on launch dates convention schedule etc. Or join us on our social media accounts and spy on process pics and what not.