Who is Attila? What the hell is Attilathe.com? When? Why?

This site is digital reflection of and somewhat of a project sampler of the efforts of Attila Adorjany the artist. But as a constant collaborator business leader and entertainment creator rarely now are we just talking about Attila but  rather the projects initiatives and collaborators we are most fond of too! While a lot of the links and social channels lead to stuff directly connected to Attila this site is more of a group effort so you will often find links in project sections to other artists and project specific links so if you find a project or talent you like you should find other places you can get more of that!

Now a brief bit of our history. Years ago (1997) our founder and one man army Attila Adorjany started a digital media services company [Re]Design Media with a focus on interactive and digital services working for clients like Warner bros. Disney BBDO and Hasbro. Later around 2003 he expanded into comics founded 600poundgorilla a small press publishing company focused on narrative and artist print projects. Then in 2016 he founded TILTy with a focus on Canadian talents, artist series toy and our passion for play culture and live entertainment. Each company serves its niche purpose to serve part of an expanding network of talents and services! Currently we are continuing to put the majority of our focus on developing and promoting independent artist projects like toys, prints and animations with a uniquely Canadian vibe and our amazing home grown talent pool–while still offering our specialized services to select clientele. We started niche & indie and we have now worked on some of the biggest brands and franchises but never lost our core focus or values!

Attilathe.com and our other sites are how we develop and share the cool stuff Attila and co. make every day! We make and share our process exclusive releases and specialized services  with the folks that love what we do! Everything from little wonderfully weird things like webcomics and limited run resin cast toys to animated series, boardgames. To the bigger and shared event type experiences  form conventions and workshops to live events and commissioned projects we loved to be a part of! Everything is about our passion to create and help others be more creative. it’s what we do! But this website is a living evolving experience intended to change focus as we do so if you are interested in something you can’t find or wanting to start something or have an event you would like us to participate in please get in touch! We would love to hear from you!!

Meet the Crew
Mr. Adorjany
CEO, Founder, Idea Promoter

Mr.Adorjany is the founder and CEO of the Agency [Re]Design Media and the founder and owner of TILTy entertainment. He started out in the web and  interactive industry as a multimedia maverick and motion graphics guru and quickly become a creative consultant for many agencies and brands because of his natural instincts and intuitive understanding of the user experience and branding philosophy. He continues to lead the creative services team at [Re]Design and pushing to innovate new products and ideas at TILTy entertainment.

artist, comic creator

600poundgorilla is the nickname and moniker of Canadian comic creator & illustrator Attila Adorjany and has since grown into a small Toronto based creative services studio and publisher.  With our ever expanding passion for all aspects of storytelling and narrative design  600poundgorilla has since expanded into developing and producing comics digital & traditional, animations and artist focused print projects.

talent scout

Our resident artist whisperer. We collaborate with a great many talented artists coders and creative savages. From our artist series to specialists it takes a great deal to find the right talent for the right job. Luckily this guy works with us with over 20 years experience as an artist wrangler and finder of rarified talents he remains an integral part of the team!

Mista TILTy

MrTILTy having since childhood had an obsession with modifying toys and mechanical things leveraged this into a job in the  special effects industry specializing in prop production and sculpture and design services for the film and tv.  MrTILTy had always  continued his passion for action figures and garage kits which evolved into designing and developing  them as well. While primarily now days focused on developing in house projects for TILTy TOYs MrTILTy continues to provide a selection of refined conceptual design and dimensional design services for the entertainment industry.

Just a bit of a laugh!
But all jokes aside Attila wouldn’t be able to run several businesses and do so many different things without the help of a small army of great people! If you are looking for the team section it’s on the
  [Re]DESIGN MEDIA and TILTy TOYs sites respectively!

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We sadly live in a spammy era so if you met us at a con or workshop and you are looking to connect with one of our peeps at [Re]Design Media or 600poundgorilla & TILTy Toys. then we have a contact form for you!


Our Project Release Plan

Our goal is to regularly release toy and print projects on a quarterly schedule and to ramp up our production cycle to match the support level we are able to achieve. Long term we hope to be releasing new print and toy products every month!.

1st Quarter

Jan, 2020
• Re-launching website.
• prototyping figures for Lil'Buddies series.
• launching Xulu Khan

2nd Quarter

Mar, 2020
• prototyping Dirty Dozen figures.
• prepping for convention season
• continued production of Xulu Khan

3rd Quarter

Jun, 2020
• Producing Horsemen of the Apocalypse series 2
• Continued production Xulu Khan
• Convention schedule
• Campaigning DirtyDozen series

4th Quarter

Sep, 2020
• Developing art for KaijuKarz
• Continued production on Xulu Khan
• Prepping for gallery show


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